Career After MBA- jobs, Salary, Top recruiters and more

This article discusses about CAREER AFTER MBA and  different aspects of MBA or MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . 

Nowadays, a degree in mba is a dream for many aspirants and this article will help you to guide yourself through different paths of mba, 


MBA refers to MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . It was first introduced by Harvard University Graduate School Of Admission in 1908. MBA degree is a graduate level business degree which mainly focuses on managerial and leadership , which will help you to gear up your career in MBA and create bigger opportunities for future like Commencing your own business. MBA will help you to accerlerate your business knowledge, your growth and business growth as well.   

this image shows the significance of MBA


MBA is a door for all the business activity and a straightforward way to accelerate your future growth. Student focuses on grabing  more opportunities because of  competitive world and everyone need some managerials skills and knowledge. With MBA you get job ready . With an MBA degree you become more challenging and you can enhance your problem solving skills and with this your leadership quality also develops. Time management quality will be enhanced and our communication skills also devlops moreover it will open door to more greater and wider opportunities. 


Nowadays Colleges, University and institutions have to keep pace with the growing and advanced environment so that students from different places and interest can pursue or complete their dream of having a MBA degree , Because of that Colleges , Insititutions and University are introducing various options for pursuing MBA degree . Students are gping for ONLINE MBA , DISTANCE LEARNING , 12 MONTHS MBA COURSE etc.. These all courses are encouraging students to learn more managerials skills and grabbing more oppurtunities in future . You can pursue MBA in different fields as per your interest . There are various options you can choose to make your CAREER IN MBA as per your interest. 

Career After MBA

 MBA course aims to make the candidate more and more responsible for their future and for building leadership qualities as they step into a new phase in their life after MBA. There are so many options that you can choose from according to your interest. 

-IF YOU CHOOSE FINANCE then , you are gonna engage in decision making in the field of investment , Financial planning , Risk management , Budget making and many more. 
Salary in the field of finance ranges between INR 4 to INR 10 lakhs. 
-IF YOU CHOOSE ENTREPRENURESIP, then it makes students analytics , insights and experience skills strong. It includes the idea pf creating and operating the business with profit.
Salary in the feild of entreprenuership ranges between INR 8 to 24 lakhs .
-IF YOU CHOOSE MARKETING , then it makes student learn about market strategies, Branding , Advertising and how to attract more and more customers with the available resources .
Salary in the field of marketing ranges between INR 2 to 24 lakhs. 
– IF YOU CHOOSE HUMAN RESOURCE , it focuses on recruiting the right people at right time and guiding the people .
Salary of human resource ranges between INR 5 to 8 lakhs .
-IF YOU CHOOSE BUSINESS ANALYTICS, then your work is to analysing, sorting , collecting data and transforming it into useful business insights.
-IF YOU CHOOSE STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, You will learn about different techniques and strategies to operate your business. Here are list of courses that you can do to make your CAREER IN MBA.
Salary in the field of strategic management ranges between  INR 6.5 to 42 lakhs.
-IF YOU CHOOSE BUSINESS ETHICS , this include doing business in an appropriate way with rules and regulation. It focuses son ethical code of conduct of business. 
Salary in the field of business ethics ranges between INR 2 to 18 lakhs.
-IF YOU CHOOSE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING, then it is a method of documenting , summarising , categorising , analysing the the transactions arising from business. 
Salary in the field of financial accounting ranges between INR 2 to 18 lakhs .
IF YOU CHOOSE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, it helps your business to adapt new changes rapidly and to maximise your customers value .
Salary in the field of supply chain management ranges between INR 3 lakhs to 28 lakhs. 
IF YOU CHOOSE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION , it refers to the process of sharing information in an effective manner between people in the workplace and outside the business .
Salary in the field of business commmumnication ranges between INR 7 lakhs to 12 lakhs .
This image depicts about an mba course business analyst
this picture depicts about an mba course that is business ethics
this pic depicts about an masters course in financial accounting
this image depicts the importance of supply chain management.
this picture depicts about an masters course in human resource management
this picture depicts importance of finance in our day to day life


Average salary of MBA varies from course to course and the years of experience you holds in that field. An average salary of mba holder with 5 years of experience may go upto INR 8,00,000 per annum and eventually increases with the years of experience. For a Fresher it ranges between INR 7,00,000 To 12,00,000. But eventually it increases with the level of experience you have . According to research MBA is one of the most well-paid post graduate job. IIM CALCUTTA AND IIM BANGALORE ranks the highest in the placement of jobs . Well there are some factors which affect salary these are – THE B-SCHOOL you graduated from 
– YOUR EXPERIENCE – it holds importance because it displays how well you can handle all the work 
-LOCATION – it plays the most important part in salary . Cities like Bangalore ,Mumbai , Delhi and Calcutta has high salaries packages as compared to other cities .

Factors affecting salary

this image depicts factors affecting salary in the field of MBA
The level of experience you hold . Work experience plays biggest role in deciding the salary. 
Which business school you graduated or pursued MBA from .
Another important factor deciding your salary is LOCATION . Cities like Bangalore , Ahmedabad , Mumbai  and Kolkata  are indulge in high salary paying as compared to other cities .
The specific role that you have specialised in like Finance , Marketing, Business analyst , Human Resource etc.

Top MBA Recruiters in India

A Master In Business Administration  is a gateway to many opportunities.  MBA is always considered as lucrative degree and it is one of the most in demand postgraduate programs in the world . MBA being this popular and in demand has some India’s best companies as recruiters.  Here is the list of some top recruiters in India .
1.  Accenture 
2. Tata consultancy services 
3. HDFC Bank 
4. Aditya Birla Group 
5. JP Morgan 
6. Infosys 
7. Reliance Industries Limited 
8. Deloitte
9. Wipro 
10. BCG 
this picture depicts the top mba recruiters in india that is accenture
this image depicts the top recruiters of mba in INDIA that is tata consultancy service .
this image depicts about top mba recruiters in India that is hdfc bank
this picture depicts about top MBA recruiters in India that is aditya birla group

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