Comfort Zone is the Enemy


omfort zone -

A mental condition where a person choose Entertainment over Education, where a person make no effort to change the life, to raise the standard of life & love to Procrastinate & Gossip.
This is the place where Unsuccessful people spends their Entire life.

Comfort Zone is the pathway to Depression, Health Hurdles, Breakups & Fear.

Comfort Zone is the worst of all Drugs prevents you to live a Healthier, Happier & Positive Life .

Staying in Comfort Zone means,
Choosing to Living a Weak, Dull, Poor & Small Life with Lot of Suffering.

What Comfort Zone does to you.

* Comfort Zone hinders your Curiosity, your Risk taking Ability which then leaves you in Failures, fuels your Self-doubts & weakens you from Inside-out.

* Comfort Zone is often Pleasurable & always Easy but behind that Easiness & Pleasure is your Suffering, is your Depression.

* Comfort Zone sabotages your Growth by forcing you to staying in the same place, in the same Position, even if you could do better. It makes you afraid to move Forward, to take Risks & doing something Better, Bigger.

* Fame, Name, Money Good Health & Better Wealth requires Sacrifices, requires Risks .
Those who have achieved the most in life have also Sacrificed the most.
So, Give up your Cocoon & explore the World.

* A man who do not want to step out from the Comfort zone is a slave to his Urges & those who are Slaves are Weak man & a Weak man cannot provide you Security, Honesty, Strength & Trust.

How to Build yourself

Building thyself Emotionally, Mentally & Physically Stronger plays a vital role in Success, Peace & Happiness.

You cannot live a Quality life if you are not managed from Inside.

here are some of my points to re-build -

*  Give up-

No, i ain't saying you to give up your Hard-work but all i am saying you is to Give up all the Things that Hinders your Growth which are - "Not believing in thyself", "Repeating negative Affirmations", "being hard on thyself", "not Appreciating thyself".

Love yourself, Believe in yourself, Take care of yourself because that's how you can Push yourself. How you behave with yourself plays a vital role in your Success.

*  Discomfort zone-

Here, the meaning of Discomfort zone is Putting thyself in Unfavorable situations like, Doing the Things that you are Afraid to do, Doing the Things that you feel Lazy to do because these are the Things that will bring your Growth & Wisdom.
If you always do the Things that you are Comfortable with then you won't Grow as a Creative person, you won't be able to Experience the true Joy of life.
Do the Things that you are afraid to do & yes you'll fail in them but that's not what really matter. What really matter is the Lessons you'll Learn from them.
So, take the Leap.

* Positive thinking -

What you think you become.
If you do not think Good things, you won't be able to attract Good things.
Every Successful person in the world have achieved their Greatness because of their Positive Mindset, of their high Visions.
If you want to make your life to top then it'll start from within.
In free time, Do read Books instead of Newspapers, Watch Positive & Financial podcasts instead of TVs, Spend time in Nature instead of Procrastinator.

If you change what you are doing, you will change that you are Attracting.

* Our Surrounding-

Our surrounding decides our level of Success & Setbacks. Surrounding shapes our Affirmations & Affirmations either fuel your Fear & Anxiety or Confidence & Growth.

Surround yourself with people who Push you, who Cheers your Success, who have better Standards than you.
If you do not find those people, be alone & focus on yourself by yourself.
  Go Explore the World by yourself,
  Learn a new Skill by yourself.
  Take risks by yourself,

Don't wait for things to happen, make things happen.

* Commitments-

Most of people Commit themselves to a New habit, to a New goal but because of their Laziness, they fail to fulfil their tasks & then Lie to themselves for why didn't fulfil their Task.
Excuses to thyself will only make your Life more Hard.
Being True to yourself is the best favor you can do to yourself, to your Future self.
Commitments aren't Easy but they are Worthy.
They are what will actually raise your Standards, your Health, your Trust in yourself.
So, set commitments & accomplish them.
Focus on your Health, on your Financial situations & take steps to nourish them.
Make habits that improve your Lifestyle & be Committed to them.

* Grind & Hustle-

Life isn't fair & it won't be.
Life is a Series of Suffering & that's totally fine.
Suffering isn't the Hurdle but Suffering is the Path, through Suffering, we will Rise, we will Learn, we will Grow.

To live a Happier, Healthier & Successive life, you got to step out from Comfort zone, from your Wishful thinking & choose to do the things that really matter, that really will improve your Lifestyle.
Work-hard, Take Risks, Learn a new skill, Watch Positive & Motivational videos, Sit with Winners - all these things will change your Mentality & as the Mentality so will be the Reality.

Thank you for Reading

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