Top 5 Online Business Without Investment

1. Travel Blogger



The potential for career progression in travel blogging is enormous and broad. A lot of travel bloggers have been successful in converting their love of travel into a full-time profession.  Those who enjoy travelling on a budget and who want to make money in one of the many ways that are outlined below. The best recommended career path is in information technology. Here are some strategies travel bloggers might use to turn their hobby into a career:

For some examples of above description

Name of some successful bloggers(travel)

1 nomad Shubham- he is successful travel blogger who used to travel different countries of the world .Even previous president of india subscribe his channel MR Ram NATH KOVIND.

HIS EARNING – 41$-219$ depends on the views . His total subscriber is 2.8M. average views about 600k-800k.


rt-cube-online-business-without investment

As we all know teaching career is very huge. But less people know how to make money online through teaching. As we all know be as a subject teacher is a quite difficult. Not many people able to teach these subjects ex- science, math’s , social studies etc. which creates barrier for those people who does not have any deep knowledge of the subject. So, there is one way which does not require any huge skills is to be a language teacher. As we all know English is most spoken language in the world. and making money online through teaching English is easier then to be a English teacher.


How to earn money online by teaching English?


So, there is one app cambly In which we have to teach online to those student who does not now English. No Teaching certificate, bachelores degree or previous teaching experience needed. Earn for every minute you spend chatting! You make $0.17/min ($10.2/hour) on Cambly and $0.2/min 12 dollars per hour on cambly  for Kids. Cambly offers weekly pay via PayPal, or any direct deposit.



A Drop shipping fulfillment agent is a person or entity that provides services to help manage the fulfillment process of a drop shipping business. The operations involved in collecting customer orders, packaging the products, and setting up their delivery to the customers are referred to as the fulfilment process in dropshipping.

On behalf of the dropshipping store owner, your duties as a fulfilment agent for dropshipping would normally include procuring products, stocking inventories, packing orders, and organising shipping to clients. By managing the logistics and fulfilment parts of the business, you essentially serve as a middleman between the supplier or manufacturer and the customer.


Typically, it depends upon experience and personal contacts. Also depends on the product also.  Because experienced drop shippers are the ones who own most high-ticket drop shipping stores, they can make an average of $1000-$10000+ per month



Social media influencers are persons who have developed a reputation for their subject-matter expertise. They frequently post about that subject on their preferred social media platforms, where they have huge  fan bases of enthused, active individuals who pay close attention to their opinions. Because they may start trends and persuade their followers to purchase the things they advocate, social media influencers are adored by brands.

How they earn money?

1 Sponsored Posts

2   Affiliate Marketing

3 Product Reviews

4 Payments From Social Platforms

5 Consulting Services

6 Create Sponsored Content

7   Sell Advertising

5. Gaming streamers



A person who broadcasts his or herself in real time is said to be streaming. while playing video games is known as a streamer. Those who want to stream their play may do so through online platforms such as  YouTube.

How they make money online?

Many streamers make an effort to turn their hobby into a career by devoting full-time hours in the hope of earning a consistent income. Streamers receive payment from their audience in the form of sponsorships, subscriptions, advertising, and donations. Because of the market’s intense competition and the huge increase in popularity of video game streaming, it might be challenging to make money as a streamer.


They can earn more money from super chats than Advertisement. The earnings of a popular Gaming Streamers on average 1–2 lakhs per month if his subscribers are more actie.

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