You need these 7 basic skills to become an App developer.

6 must skills to become a great App developer

If you observe around the World & Search the booming Sector then one name I can tell you is, IT Sector.
Slowly but surely, whole world is pacing toward Technology & the demand for new Technology is increasing & with new Technology, we need modern Applications that can run them, that can control them.
IT Companies like; Wipro, Tata consultancy, HCL Technologies, Mindtree are all trying hard to bring next level technologies in India.

Automated 4 wheelers, Cybersecurity, Robotic defense mechanism, 5G Networks are some of the examples that every country in the World is working on & this can be a great opportunities for App developers.
IT sectors are booming & the demand for App developer is increasing.App developers are the backbone behind all these Online business which covers Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Health, E-commerce, Online payments & many more.

So, if you want to become an aspiring app developer absorbed with Necessary skills then here is the detailed list of some basic yet important skills that requires to becoming an App developer.

1) Coding Language

One of the must have skill in Technology world.
Being a Good app developer mean, a Great coder. Coding is the backend of any Website, of any Application.
In one way, Coding is what runs the Technology & being a Good coder is what will help you to introduce new Technologies.
Microwaves, Refrigerators, Automated Vehicle, Air conditioners, ATMs - all have one thing in common & i.e., they all depend on Code.
Java, PHP, C++, Python are some of the well-known languages to develop Apps & Software. The more a person dives deep into these Programming languages, the better & Flexible Software he can make.

Each of these Languages has their own Key aspects, has their own Pros.

For ex,
JAVA –  
• It has Simple syntax & better known for its Speed & Reliability.
• It is Object oriented, Class based programming language & is Platform Independent.
• It has a strong memory management called Garbage collector & also Exception handling feature.

C++ --
• C++ is a Object Oriented, Compiler based, Programming language.
• It has Huge function library plus has String Functions & Abstract Data types.
• It has Memory management & do quick compilation while also allow you to Reuse the Code.

• It is Open source server side scripting language.
• It is used to manage the Dynamic & Interactive content of a website.
• It is Fast & secure & runs on variable platform, runs on Interpreters.

2) A good sense of UI

UI is the acronym of User Interface.

Every app user wants a highly interactive, Flexible & easy to use, easy to understand application, doesn’t matter if the application is for Accountancy or for Gaming or for Online Shopping.

If the developer gives Application a Quality rich Interface then in no time, it will hit millions of Downloads.
UI is responsible for the interaction between User & Application & it’s the UI that shapes user’s First impression. The point is, if you want to create a Successful product then it’s all starts with a Great User experience/User Interface.

So, if you want more Leads & great Reviews meaning, if you want more Downloads of your Application then you need to be Pro in setting User Interface.

Elements to remember while designing UI:
• Buttons are where user expects them to be.
• A great mixture of Colors.
• Easy to Understand, easy to Load.
• Activity indicator.
• Help & Guidance buttons.

3) Innovative Thinking

Developing an Application is all about thinking things more deeply, thinking things more futuristically.
To become an App developer, you need a Point of view that is 5-8 years ahead, ‘cause developing an Application without concerning about the Future challenges is just a waste of Time & Energy.
You need to be updated with market trends like, What user wants, what other application lacks, the new kind of Features for more advancement & everything that raise the standard of Application.

In the market of technology, Only those developer lead the game who stay Update for the Future challenges, who knows how & when & what new Things to bring to People & that's why Imagination plays a crucial role in Inventions.

4) Cross Platform Supportive

Being an App developer isn’t an Easy thing but what’s easy is not Worthy & what’s Worthy is not easy.

The thing is, Being an app developer mean, developing Software that is platform Independent, that is Portable & that’s what every IT Companies want, that’s what Users want.

If your Application can be operate on Android, Windows & IOS then every company will welcome you. One should be able to build applications that can run on multiple Platforms, on multiple devices if one wants to achieve mastery in App development.

Having diverse skill like, Re-using the Code, Service support & Simple testing can make you Competitive in the Industry.

5) Data Security

Today, every person in the world have some kinda dependence on Software, doesn't if it's Application software or System software & the application can be Bank application or Game application or E-commerce application or Educational application.

You just name it & you will find it anyone’s phone, We Install application ‘cause it somewhere Easing our Life, Freeing our Mind & helps us to do other things but using it means sending Personal & Sensitive data to the Data center which if stolen, then it can be use against us.

Building a software also means, taking care of the User’s data, Securing the Private information in such a way that, it cannot be read & write by Third person & this is the skill that most App developer lacks.

They make the best Application, gives them the best layout, Adds the best Feature but lacks the Security. Developing significant Security skill is important, as it will expand the Trust of your Customer on you & will make you a Demanded app developer.

6) Back-end Skills

Gaining knowledge in the back-end computing can mean a great favor in Developer’s carrier.

Identifying the application’s Errors & wrong Re-directions before they go Public can make you a Successful as well as Trustworthy app developer.

No companies want their Customer to find their Alternatives & that’s why Companies pay high prices to app developers for making an Errorless, Authentic application to expand their Online business.

Back-end Skill include –
    • Standard Security.
    • Hardware interaction
    • Database management
    • Easy & Simple Framework.

7) Collecting user’s data—

Now, Collecting user’s data is not about Collecting every activity they do, then this won’t be collection of Data but it will be Spying.

Here, collecting the user’s data is about collecting the user’s behavior with the Application.

By collecting minor data like,
    *How much time users are spending on the Applications,
    *Viewing the Network connections users are using,
    *Accessing the precise location only in the Foreground,
    *Reading Phone status & other contents of your Shared storage allows App developers to understand user’s needs more Clearly, more deeply, it helps them to serve you more better & easier service.

Every app you use collects some of your basic data so that Developer can understand our Needs more clearly, more Deeply & can bring more new Solutions, more Reliable solutions.

                Wish you best to have a Wealthy & Peaceful life.

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