Food Scientist

Food Scientist looks for the perfect way to keep our food healthy, filled with nutrious & hygiene .                They explore faster & cheaper way to produce food for us.

Further, it also look towards the quality and safety of the foods that are making changes to foods 

Basically , it looks after from every small to big nutrients present in our food , that we eat in our day to day life .

  • What is Food Scientist ?

 It is the job that involves the duties to maintain healthy conditions and mental peace to our body . It Make sure the quality control of the food as well as packaging of New food .  

The study is about what people choose to eat and why . It include the study of  anthropology, biology, chemistry,  engineering, medicine, nutrition, physics, and  also requires the overall understanding of food safety regulations.

  • How to Become a Food scientist in India ?   

STEP 1 :

Complete your Higher Secandary Education in  Science PCB (Physcis , chemistry , biology) field.

STEP 2 :

After completing your 12th go for the B.Sc in Food Scientist .

This  4-year degree will clear the fundamental principles of students in food scienst  as well as research techniques. 

During the duration of the degree focus on learning &  different research methods of food science principles. 

STEP 3 :

 Further you can look forward with the  M. Sc in (Food Science) .

Step 4 :

 Further you can Proceed with Ph.D.

Having an advances higher degree can make you apart from other candidates to persue your dezire job .


• Jobs Profile

Top 5 Jobs related to food scientist with salary per annum after completion of  your degree :

  1. Food technologist ( 3,08,368 Lakh)
  2. Health and safety inspector    
  3. Production development scientist ( 5,14,449 Lakh)
  4. Quality manager ( 4,66,860 Lakh)

· Top 10 companies that Will provide you jobs  : 

  1.  Nestle 
  2. Patanjali Ayurved
  3. Licious
  4. Haldiram 
  5. Britanica
  6. ITC    

Top courses :


  • Diploma in Food and Nutrition 

  • Graduate Diploma in Food Science 

  fOOD SCIENTIST Courses after  12th :

  • B.Sc. in  food technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Food Processing Technology

  • B.Sc in Food  and Quality Control

  • in Food Technology

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E)  in Food Technology

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Food Technology and Bio-Chemical Engineering

  • B.Tech. in Food Science

  MASTERS COURSES ( post graduaton ) :

  • M.A. in Food Nutrition

  • M.Sc. in Food Industries . 

  • M.Sc. in Microbial and Food Technology

  • M.Tech. in Food Technology

  • M.E. in Processing and Food Engineering

  • M.Tech in Food Engineering 

  • MTech in Food Biotechnology

Where Food Scientist & Technologist Works ?

Food / Beverages processor

Ingrident manufactures / supplier

Food Services

Food Retailer


Processing Equipment manfacturer / supplier

Tesing Laboratory

Private Research Facility

Packaging Manfacturer

Is food scientist a good career in 2022 ?

Yes , definitly it is very good career option  because you can work with different industriesas well as  food companies , milk processing industry, bakery industry, flavour development department and food pacakging .

So , as the craze & demand for the science of food are increasing day by day globally there are coming more often scope and jobs opening  towards the food industries for experienced person as well as fresher students . 

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