Travel my stories

Travel My Stories

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Before I write about travel my stories, I experimented on different topics or ideas to write about it, but I thought let’s write about our experiences and let people know about do’s and don’ts in our day- to- day lifestyle. I think people should write about their own experiences and not about others because it will be interesting but not that interesting or energetic to write so, it’s better to write about our experiences to tell others and people and may be by telling them they can get knowledge from us or may be helpful for them

So, one of my many passions is trekking and I love to do it. Trekking is an adventurous activity that involves distance, skills, fitness, stamina, and high altitudes. It’s not about reaching our destination and it’s done; it’s about how you enjoy yourself in that activity till you reach your summit. So, I went to Manali for trekking with the team called Trek the Himalayas. I went to Himachal Pradesh for trekking named Bhrigu Lake and its camp was in Manali and the best time to go this lake is monsoon [July-August] and autumn [Sep-Mid Nov] season. 

I travel this trek on monsoon season in the month of July and the max altitude was 14000ft and the distance of trekking was 25km with the duration of 4 days. 

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek because the lake is steeped in mythology. This trek lies in Himachal Pradesh, around 20 km north of Manali and can be accessed from Gulaba. 

It is known as the place where the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation. However, we believe the lake is not the only thing the trek has to offer. You must do the Bhrigu Lake trek for its grasslands. 

To enter an alpine meadow in our country, one must often spend at least a day or two trekking within the tree line. We are talking about two or three days of hard ascent. This is because most alpine meadows start at around 11,000 ft above the treelined. 

When I went to travel my stories on the trek it was my first time to climb mountains and honestly it was very difficult for me to climb, I had to face lot of precautions and health while climbing it, but my trainer helped me whenever I needed him. He was my great supporter and he encouraged me to climb and made be confident and energetic to do it although it was very special for me because while trekking, I made new friends which were there in the group and enjoyed with them at the camp side and you know the weather was so good and having hot Maggie at mountains is the best part of it.  

Precautions should be taken while trekking:

1.Always start with simple and not so difficult trails 

2. Bring water and don’t forget it and some glucondi or etc 

3. Bring the right gear 

4. Protect your eyes from sun  

5. Bring eyeglasses and hat or cap  

6. Adapt yourself in the circumstances  

7. Bring your first aid kit  

8. Take care of nature  

9. Keep your distance and respect animals 

10. Get your backpack

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Benefits while Trekking:

1.Remember to pace yourself

2. Improves your strength

3. It burns around 600 calories per hour while trekking

 4. Improves social experience

5. It helps to reduce stress

6. It enhance your sleep quality

7. Improves your immune system

8. Lowered risk of diabetes and high blood pressure

9. Betters life skills

10. Happier mood

Why people love to do trekking?

A trek provides us with lots of benefits and perfect opportunities for our life. It clears our mind and helps us to change our perspective of everyone’s life. See wherever we travel, or do any adventurous activities we tend to find new people and our surroundings also changes and it’s not bad although it helps or finds us to meet new people, friends and tend to make some relations with them which helps us to communicate with the environment and that’s very auspicious. It benefits us with stamina, willpower, stress, mood changes, immune system, etc. Travel my stories encourages us to that we should always change ourselves according to the environment or nearby surroundings.