What is Data Science? Everything you need to know about Data Science

What is Data Science

Definition -- Anything that is collected in the form of Audio, Video, Images or Multimedia form will be known as Data.

Data Science is the process of extracting & filtering essentials data from the given Unstructured, Scattered information. It is the field of Study that involves Programming Skills, Scientific methods, Mathematics & Theories to make decision more Reliable, more Favorable all with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence helps us to extract the Insights from Unstructured, Unmanaged data to achieve Desirable results.
Artificial Intelligence also helps us in taking valuable Decision, in making Strategic Planning & Future Thinking by converting meaningless Data into Valuable information
Data Science is done by Data Scientist, they have great knowledge in Computer Science, in Data analysis & Statistics.

Importance of Data Science

We are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence where many things or almost Everything is depended on smart devices.

It is from ordering food online to taking online Prescriptions, from Studying things online to Creating online business, everything is connected through Internet & as we all are dependent on Internet, we are also at the high risk of Data explosion.

Losing Data into wrong hand will surely boost the illegal activities & so every company wants advance Artificial Intelligence that won’t only keep the data safe but also make the data more Meaningful & Weightier.

Data science is important, as it gives new meaning to Unstructured, Noisy data & generate valuable information from them. It’s the Data science that make Technologies Operational in real World. Some of them are 5G Internet, Edge Computing, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Virtual & Augmented reality.

Data science enables companies to efficiently understand the immense Data collected from various sources. A data scientist must completely understand Mathematics, Scientific statistical & several methodologies in order to make better business decisions.

Weather it’s in Healthcare sector or Economic sector or Research sector, Data science is easing so many things. Every device you use, Apps you installed or the Websites you visit are all stores your Data on gigantic servers where data Scientist shorts them & use the information to bring more advanced Technologies, to make more Smarter moves for businesses.

One of the advantage of Data Science in Organization is that, it helps organization to find when & where their Products sell best

Why Data is a billion-dollar thing?

Data is Currency.

Large firms & Industries need data to make vulnerable decisions, to move the Company in right Direction & that’s where Data scientists are hired. A skilled data scientist knows how to dig the right information from the Problems & Challenges company is facing.

Every successful company has achieved the great level of Financials because of using the Data to analyze the Trends, to raise the standard of Marketing, to create the superior Advertisement & with an Abundance of Data, Companies bring better Innovation, create Products that tackle the Problems customer face in everyday life.

In today’s world which is driven by Technologies, it is impossible for a company to imagine a Future without data.

The videos you watch on YT, the content you like on IG, the pages you follow on FB are all treated as Data & with that Data, you get your Recommendation. So, the next time you visit on YouTube, the recommended videos are result of the data collected from your Taps. Data science enables companies to create & produce products that Customer will like, that Customer will need.

For ex, Whenever you search anything on Google, you will find your Query related answers on other applications too like YouTube, Instagram or any other social media platform & this is done for showing you the wide range of answers or query related Products.

Logistics firms like, Xpressbess, Delhivery, FedEx has saved billions of dollars by finding the best route & time to deliver the product & this too is directly depend on Data science.

Why Data Scientist are high in demand ?

According to the Glassdoor & Forbes, the demand for Data scientist might increase by 28% all by 2026 which directly means that, this profession will be much stronger than now. Data scientist wrangle with the data & empowers the organization to take Data-based decisions. A data scientist analyzes immense amount of data by their Computer science, Mathematics & Statistics skills & once they understand the trend, they complete the business Gap & lead the company to right direction through their right decisions.

Data scientist reduces the horrors of Failures, of Uncertainty.
Data Scientist combines data methodologies to predict the Future & alert the Organization about the upcoming events weather it’s about Fraud activity or new Competitor in the market.

There is no doubt to say that, Data scientist plays a paramount role for Organization in many vertical areas.

What's more important than Data Sceince ?

Data Science is important as it allows you to analyze the Future problems & helps you to develop a Strategy but there is more thing that plays a vital role more than Data Science is Platform.

Without a proper functioning Platform, Data Science won’t work efficiently, Securely & Easily as it should.

Platforms are the software where all data science take place, they turn Data into insights faster & more Accurate. A perfect platform enables Teams & Superiors to share Ideas, Codes, Results.

These Data Science platforms are there to collaborate specific peoples which include Field experts, Data engineers & Machine developers & allows them to work on Large & Unstructured data to filter them.

Companies don’t realize the importance of Data science platform which then attract unfavorable results. A robust Platforms allows you to work together on a model from Conception to Conclusion.

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