You can learn how to build databases in this four-week course for free

In today’s world, databases are used for everything. We constantly use databases to comprehend the world around us, whether it be when browsing Netflix’s top movies or evaluating consumer information. Even Microsoft Excel is a database with lots of flexibility and opportunities. So it comes as no surprise that database engineers worldwide earn close to six figures. These engineers are essential for developing products that influence business decisions, simplify lives, and much more.

Are you interested in database development? This 4-Week Database Development Fundamentals Course is currently free, so now is a golden opportunity to enroll.

Shaw Academy, a pioneer in online education that aspires to provide public access to technical skills, is the instructor of this eight-hour course. You will learn about data and databases while examining several types of databases and their applications in this accessible course. You’ll be able to tell structured data from from unstructured data and start using tools like SQL to run queries on data using simple syntax.

A free version of the course is available

Shaw Academy’s Database Development Fundamentals 4-Week Course is available for free for a constrained period of time, yet this type of instruction might set you back hundreds of dollars.

You will become familiar with data manipulation language statements and begin using platforms from Microsoft, Oracle, and other database companies through real-world examples and explanations. You can learn how to set up a Microsoft SQL Server database setup in-depth and get hands-on experience creating databases from start.

You can also buy Fullstack Web Development: Build Websites with Node & MongoDB NoSQL Databases if you want to advance your training even further. You can design interactive, data-driven websites by using the broad range of database building abilities you’ll learn in this thorough course. 

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