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BCA Syllabus course, wise year wise, syllabus details and collages

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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate course that give  students with a fundamental and advanced understanding of information technology and computer applications.  BCA syllabus covers all of BCA subjects including Introduction to programming language using C, programming in Java, networking, Computer Basic, Multimedia System, Computer Graphics & Animation, Operating System, database management System, computer network. Students can choose BCA specialisation consistently to suit their interests. 

The BCA Syllabus all about  of Computer and Information Technology but also in communication and management , programming languages.  

A Student curious in Computer Science can choose BCA Computer Sciences syllabus,  Student curious in Data Science can choose BCA Data Science Syllabus, student curious in Database  Should take BCA Database Syllabus, Student can also choose BCA Data Analytics if they are curious in BCA Data Analytics.

A BCA Syllabus /subject has a great scope in jobs like as a web developer, computer programmer, software developer, web managing, software tester ,etc. be contingent on the skills gained by the student at the time of BCA career.

A part form BCA core subject, BCA syllabus Also covers computer languages such as C , C++ , python , Java , Java script ,C# GO, R ,etc. in all BCA Colleges. 



Name of course 

Bachelor Of Computer Application 



Duration of course 

3 year 

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should have passed 12th with aggregate 50% or equivalent.

Admission process 

Either by Exam based or Merit based.

BCA Entrance Exam  

  • IPU CET 
  • GSAT

Average salary 

According to your Collages / internship 

But overall 3-8 lakhs per annum  

BCA Syllabus Subject 

Fundamentals of Computers 

C Programming 

Multimedia System 

Hardware Lab,

Data Structures,

Operating Systems,

Database Management,

Computer Lab AND Practical work 


Career options

  • Software Developer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Computer/Service Support Specialist



clouds, blue sky, atmosphere-8300738.jpg
  • BCA Computer Science

  • BCA Computer Graphics

  • BCA IT Technologies

  • BCA Network Systems 

  • BCA Animation


  • BCA System Analysis

  • BCA Internet Technologies

  • BCA Accounting Application

  • BCA Music and Video Processing 
  • BCA Programming Languages (C, C++, Python, JAVA, etc.)

  • BCA Management Information System (MIS)


The Basic Syllabus of Computer and Information Technology but also in communication, organisation and management. One also gets to learn programming languages such as Java, C++, SQL, HML, etc.

C Programming : 

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language,It was invention in the 1970s by Dennis Ritchie, C’s features cleanly reflect the capabilities of the targeted CPUs. and you will knows  all about C programmers 

Computer Lab and Practical Work :

computer services are provided to a defined community.

Data and Database Management Systems :

The software which is used to manage databases is Database Management System

Multimedia Systems :

Multimedia systems are systems that can store, recover, and process various types of media, such as  image,graphics, text, audio, and animation.

Operating Systems :

This is system software that manages computer software, hardware resources, and provides smooth services for computer programs.

Understanding Organisational Behaviour :

Areas of research dedicated to increasing job satisfaction, improving job performance, promoting innovation, and encouraging leadership.

Web-Based Application Development :

This is the formation of application programs that inhabit on remote servers and are bring to the user’s device over the Internet. 

Core subject for BCA Syllabus : 

The Syllabus/Subjects are BCA programme across 6 Semesters in 3 year 




Fundamentals of IT & Computers

Digital Electronics

Basic Mathematics

English Communication

C Language Lab


Operating Systems and Fundamentals

Organisational Behaviour

C Language Advanced Concepts

Advanced Mathematics

Advanced C Programming Lab


Database Management Systems

Open Source Technology

Software Engineering

Web-Based Applications

DBMS and Web Technology Lab


Web Designing

Data Structures

Introduction to Linux

Object-Oriented Programming



Software Engineering – II

Java Programming

Python Language

eCommerce and Marketing


Advanced Java and Python Lab


Artificial Intelligence

Information Security

Application Development




Apart from the core subjects, The elective course is required for students to complete the course to receive their degree. Each semester,  students must choose from a variety of elective courses, hare is a list of some of the electives in the BCA course now variable to collage to collage / state to state :

Gaming and Animation

Cloud Computing


Agile Frameworks

Digital Marketing

Computer Graphics

Data Mining

Details Of BCA Subject 

some topics covered in detailed in BCA subject are as following:

1. Software Development:

This BCA syllabus  cover subjects such as networking, inheritance, multithreading, database programming, and web development, as well as proficiency obtained in advanced programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, C#, Lisp,  R, C, Java Script, and others. You will also choose the opportunity to construct, develop, test, and debug huge programmes.

2. Software Engineering:

These BCA Syllabus subjects cover the principles of software engineering, which are  approaches and procedures for building, designing, and maintaining a dependable software system that is valuable to people.

3. Multimedia Systems:

Multimedia can be defined as any application that combines text with graphics, animation, audio-video, and virtual reality. Multimedia data has become a required module of current research efforts. The course provides a full grab of multimedia excellence, systems, and tools, as well as content representation and repossession, as well as multimedia network services.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is similar to human intelligence work by machines , singularly computer systems, particular application of AI Include expert systems,  human language processing, speech recognition and Machine imagination. AI programming focused on three cognitive skills: learning, reasoning and self-correction.

5. Web-Based Applications Development:

Web application development is the creation of application programs that reside on unrelated servers and are delivered to the user’s device over the Internet. A web application /web app does not need to be install  and is by choice  retrieve through a network..

6. Theoretical Computer Science:

Theoretical computer science Subject comprises the understanding of the theory of computation ahead with mathematical appliance/Tools. These include topics like automata theory,  algorithms, computational complexity ,  logic, and combinatorics.

7. Database Management System:

The principle goal of a Database management system , or DBMS, is to provide a method for efficiently and  conveniently database information in an efficient and easy manner. Relational algebra, SQL, relational design theory, online analytical processing, data mining, and many more topics included. 

8. Data Communication and Computer Networks:

Data communication refers to the transmission of digital data between a data network and  computer network and two more computers. A computer network allows computers to exchange data wirelessly or cable media. The communication platform in retrieval systems and current information is channeled towards a more creative and participatory style. Data communication and computer network (DCN) fundamentals include signal transmission, interfacing and encoding, data link control, transmission media and  multiplexing, WANs, and LANs.

BCA syllabus course materials 

Name of the Book

Name of the Author

Software Engineering

Ian Sommerville

The C Programming Language

Brian W Kernighan

Fundamentals of Numerical Computation

Rajaraman V

A Textbook on C :  Fundamentals, Problem Solving

 And Data Structures


Operating System Concepts

Avi Silberschatz and Peter Galvin

Design of the Unix Operating Systems

Maurice Bach

Data Structure Using C

A K Sharma

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications


Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology 

Grigore Rosu and Jose Meseguer

 Entrance Exams for BCA

After completing their 10+2 from a recognized board, students have to give entrance exams to   get admission to the BCA course. they are small process to your entry-level , Check the list of some BCA entrance Examination. :

  • Lucknow University Computer Science Admission Test (LUC-SAT)

  • Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning Admissions Test (SSSIHL-AT)

  • Management Aptitude Test (BU MA)

  • RAMA University Entrance Test (RU-ET)

  • Indraprastha University  Common Entrance Test (IPU-CET)

  • Gitam Science Admissions Test (GS-AT)

  • Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)

  • North Maharashtra University Undergraduate Common Entrance Test (NMU UG-CET)


BCA admission process 

Merit base and candidates should have passed 12th with aggregate 50% or equivalent. And entrance-based admission are both part of the BCA admission process.

Capable for BCA :
  • The eligible criteria for the bca course are very easy one need not have Physics, Chemistry and Maths as subjects in Class 12th . In all subjects candidates in class XII they can also join the course.
  • Candidates must have passed class 12th or senior secondary examination with at least 50% marks including English.
  • The minimum age limit is 17 years. (all colleges required minimum 17 year age)

Note :

  • Some colleges offer admission without mathematics and English as compulsory subjects.
  • The eligibility criteria might be different  from college to college and state to state.

BCA Salary and Career :  After completing your BCA undergraduate degree you can readily go for a postgraduate degree like a master’s in Computer Application (MCA) or master in Business Administration (MBA). This will help you gain necessary skills and you will be successful in this field. Now give section  the most popular BCA jobs. :

Job Profiles

Starting  Salary

Web Developer 

₹3 Lakh per annum

System Engineer

₹4 Lakh per annum  

Computer Programmer 

₹3.5 Lakh per annum

Web Designer 

₹2.6 Lakh per annum

Software Developer 

₹3.2 Lakh per annum 

Software Architect 

₹12 Lakh per annum

Software Tester 

₹4 Lakh per annum

System Security Officer 

₹4 Lakh per annum

Network Administrator

₹5 Lakh per annum

System Manager

₹8 Lakh per annum


1. What is the meaning of BCA

BCA means bachelor of computer application. They are all about computer knowledge and computer technology. 


2. What is the BCA degree?

The BCA degree is a full time three years  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application. The basic objective of BCA Course is to provide all students with the required knowledge and skills to get fulfilling careers into the changing life of Information computer Technology.

3. Is BCA a good course after 12th?

Yes, this is a good course and  those interested in the field of Science and Information Technology, both  B.Tech and IT.   BCA can be a right  choice after 12th. Both courses give more great career opportunities and salary package levels are similarly the same for the candidates.

4. Is BCA easy to study?

BCA is not a difficult course but a depth concept. They teach the subject in depth and they start the course at a basic level. All concepts clearly. If you have a good knowledge in programming then, you have a bright future.

5.  Is BCA good for the future?

It is very good for a student who additionally wants to make his/her bright future in the field of computer programming and software development. A student with a BCA degree can easily get a job in the great IT companies. A BCA student can also choose further study like a MCA or MBA. It means doing it if you do it from a good college.

6. Which is best, BCA or BTech?

 BTech is a four year undergraduate degree. and  makes you proficient at the ‘technical’ level (Software, Hardware, applications etc.) and BCA is a three three-year undergraduate program. and  computer technology and output, input, software engineering, all most same but codding related.

7. What is the salary after doing BCA?  

The private sector  offered average salary to BCA graduates in  INR 3-6 LPA and 20,000 – 40,000 per month in the government sector. With experience wise, a BCA salary can be around INR 50,000- 90,000 per month in the government sector and INR 6 lakhs to 1.6 crore in the private sector after 5-15 years.

8. Which job is best for BCA students?

They are best BCA career option  Software Developer, Marketing Manager, Business Consultant, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst, Finance Manager, Computer/Service Support Specialist, ect.

9. Can I join IIT after BCA?

Yes, you can appsolutely IIT after BCA , but you have to need a minimum

 50% in your 12th class because all students need this criteria.

10. What can a BCA student do?

Depending on the skills acquired by the student at the time of BCA, you can do jobs as a Computer Programmer, System Manager, Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Developer, software tester, Web Designer, etc.

11. after BCA i can choose MCA or MBA ?

According to you choose MBA or MCA. If you have intreated to IT sector after completing BCA, then you can option for MBA.  Also If one has skills like business management, risk management, leadership, database management, web based application, programming language multi handling strategy, ect should definitely go for MCA course.

12. Can I get a government job after BCA?

Yes, completing your BCA get after may apply for the government civil service examination and become a Government job.  Graduation is the minimum requirement for applying for government  examinations, and  because you have graduated, you are eligible to apply for government service. That’s it.