The sixth India Mobile Congress (IMC), with the subject of “New Digital Universe,” was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It will bring together top academics, businesspeople, inventors, and representatives of the government to examine and highlight the unusual prospects brought about by the quick uptake and dissemination of digital technology. Famous cities like Delhi, …

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New rules for Credit card

On October 1st, new credit card regulations will go into effect. In April 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) published new credit regulations. From October 1, you’ll notice the following three modifications to credit cards: These regulations cover the authorization of credit card limits, tokenization of credit cards, and one-time password requests by card …

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Learn the cybersecurity skills every enterpreneur needs

Here’s how to stay updated for the top cyber defences for businesses today. Technology is continually evolving, and new things are created almost daily. As an entrepreneur, it might be challenging to decide where to concentrate your efforts among a variety of issues such as cybersecurity, fintech, and app design. Let us provide you some suggestions: …

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