CMA Course Details: Course Duration, Exam, and Syllabus

CMA Course

CMA stands for Cost and Management Accounting and is designed to encourage youngsters to become tomorrow’s business leaders. It is a great career option for the young generation nowadays. As you studied in detail in my blog about the CMA course, the course levels, duration, course fee, eligibility criteria, and many more details. 

In this, I share some links about the course, study material, and classes that will help you achieve good scores in CMA exams.

Levels and Durations of CMA

There are three levels in the CMA course

  1. Foundation
  2. Intermediate 
  3. Final 

The duration of the CMA course is three years. Each level can take at least six to twelve months to finish, depending on your commitment and study speed.

CMA Foundation Level

This is the first level of CMA and the entry point for the CMA course. This introduces the basic concepts of accounting.

There are four papers at this level, and they are:

Paper 1: Fundamentals of Business Laws and Business Communication

Paper 2: Fundamentals of Financial and Cost Management

Paper 3: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics

Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Economics and Management

Link to detailed content for books: https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2022-Fdn-Stdy-Mtrls.php

Link to detailed content for the syllabus: https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2016-Fdn.php

CMA intermediate Level

This is the next level after the foundation level. This level enhances the knowledge gained at the foundation level. If anyone completes their graduation, they can directly enter the intermediate level of CMA. 

Group 1:

          Paper 5: Business Laws and Ethics

          Paper 6: Financial Accounting

          Paper 7: Direct and Indirect Taxation

                   Section A: Direct Tax

                   Section B: Indirect Tax    

             Paper 8: Cost Accounting

Group 2:

             Paper 9: Operations Management and Strategic Management

             Paper 10: Corporate Accounting and Auditing

             Paper 11: Financial Management and  Business Data Analysis

             Paper 12: Management Accounting

Link to detailed content for books: https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2022-Inter-Stdy-Mtrls.php

 Link to detailed content for the syllabus:https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2016-Inter.php

CMA Final Level

This is the final level of the CMA course. It will be after you complete the intermediate level. It covers advanced topics in costing techniques and financial analysis. 

This level also consists of two groups and each group is further divided into four papers:

Group 3:

             Paper 13: Corporate and Economic Laws

             Paper 14: Strategic Financial Management 

             Paper 15: Direct Tax Law and International Taxation

              Paper 16: Strategic Cost Management

Group 4:

             Paper 17:Cost and Management Audit

             Paper 18:Corporate Financial Reporting

             Paper 19: Income Tax Law and Practice

             Paper 20 A: Strategic Performance and Business Valuation

             Paper 20 A: Risk Management in Banking and Insurance

             Paper 20 A: Entrepreneurship and Start-up

Link to detailed content for books: https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2022-Final-Stdy-Mtrls.php

Link to detailed content for the syllabus: https://icmai.in/studentswebsite/Syl-2016-Final.php

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