Understanding What is Ur Category, General, Ews Certificate | Ews Full Form

Understanding What is Ur Category, General, Ews Certificate | Ews Full Form

In This Blog, we Discuss – What Is Ur Category, General Category, EWS Full Form & THEIR IMPACTS ON student’s lives The First Category in the caste categorization system is the General Category. So here we provide you with all the information related to the General Category. As there are many questions related to What is UR Category? UR category means are asked by the students.

Many times Students confuse between General Category, Unreserved Category & EWS(Economically Weaker Section), they think these all are the same but this is not right. As Unreserved Category & EWS is the part of General Category. So don’t be confused we discuss all this in the following points:-

  1. What is General Category
  2. What is UR category (Unreserved)
  3. EWS(Economically weaker section) Category
  4. Ews Full Form
  5. Positive & Negative aspects of General Category
  6. Problems faced by General Category(Unreserved) Students
  7. Conclusion

What is General Category

This is the first category in Indian Category System. This category is forward category & know as the top most & rich category in India, Everyone thought that the castes under this category are rich, developed but actually in this modern time this is a myth, or we can say not the truth.

General Category consists of the top most castes like Brahman, Bania etc But the castes are different in different states. Majorly we discuss with the Central Government’s criteria for the categories.

What is UR Category (Unreserved)

What is UR Category (Unreserved)

Many Students don’t know UR category means or What is UR Category. Basically UR Category or General Category are the same but there are only one difference that is In General Category there are some Reserved Candidates or persons but in Unreserved Category they are totally unreserved & there is no reservation provide to them by Government in Education, Government Institution etc.

Students or anyone from the General Category who are not under the Government Reservation Program are Unreserved Candidates. The main loss for the students of this category is that they need high marks, or we can say good percentage for the Admission in Government Institution or for the Government Exams or Jobs. There Merit marks for these Institutions or jobs are higher than the reserved category.

What is EWS(Economically weaker section) Category

EWS Full From -Economically weaker section)  Category EWS is also not different but the part of General category the only difference is that the Candidates or person belongs to EWS Category are reserved candidates. EWS Candidates or Students get 10% reservation in Government Institution, Exams as well as jobs. The Only criteria for this is that they should have an EWS Certificate.

EWS is a new type of the Reservation provide to the candidates of General Category whose

  • Family’s Annual Income is not more than Rs.8 lac.
  • His family not own more than 5 acres agriculture land.
  • The House area or land of Candidate not more than 1000sq ft.

The Students come under this EWS Category have a great benefit in either for taking Admission in Government Institution or for Government exams & jobs.

Positive & Negative aspects of General Category

Here are some positive as well negative aspects of General Category on Students & others


  • People of General Category get more respect as they are having a great Economic status in the society as compared to other categories.
  • General Category perform a dominating role in the Indian Society.


  • No reservation provide to General Category Candidates rather than EWS Category.
  • The Unreserved students don’t get the good Government Institution or jobs because of high cut-offs for the unreserved students.
  • There is discrimination for the Unreserved students as they don’t get jobs or Institution after getting good marks, on the other hand the reserved category students get the jobs or institution after getting low marks than the Unreserved Candidates.
  • Due to the discrimination most of the talented Unreserved students don’t get the job or Institution for which they are eligible.

Problems faced by General Category(Unreserved) Students

  • The main problem faced by Unreserved students is most of the time they don’t get the government institutes or jobs after having good marks than Reserved students.
  • Ex. AN Unreserved candidate get 94% for any Government entrance exam or job exam he did not select but the Reserved student who get 80% got that seat.
  • This generates a felling of Discrimination in the youth which belongs to Unreserved category.


In India most of the Government Exams or Jobs having this Reservation System. Due to this By not having Reservation The students belongs to unreserved category don’t get the Institute for study or job for which he is eligible. The System of Reservation should be removed in India so that the students of all categories can get for which they are eligible. & The Students don’t get the reward for their hard work. Because of this the Reservation is dominated over the Hard work.

UR Category means Unreserved Category, This category does not get any type of reservation from the Government. So In General Category, there are some Reserved as well as Unreserved Candidates.

No, UR(Unreserved) & General Category both are Different. In general there are some candidate which have reservation in any of the Government Scheme but in Unreserved Category No candidate have any type of Reservation.

UR Category means Unreserve Category.

Anyone can tell his views in the comments we welcome them.

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